10 original attractions in Phantasialand

10 original attractions in PhantasialandPhantasialand in Brühl near Cologne is one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe. That success does not come out of the blue. The park is one of the most progressive in the world. Some rides are very similar to similar tracks in the Netherlands and Belgium, but in Phantasialand they are a lot more original. Round boats on a whitewater river can be found in many parks, but ‘River Quest’ has a lift and no fewer than three steep descents along the way. Logs on water are another classic, but here the drop is higher than elsewhere and you even get a backwards descent. Which ten original attractions should you not miss in this amusement park?

  • Visit Phantasialand: ten original attractions in the amusement park
  • Winja’s Fear & Force
  • RiverQuest
  • Taron
  • Black Mamba
  • Chiapas
  • Maus au Chocolat
  • Colorado Adventure
  • MysteryCastle
  • Raik
  • Temple of the Night Hawk, nostalgia in Phantasialand

Phantasialand’s Winja’s Fear & Force / Source: Coaster J, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Visit Phantasialand: ten original attractions in the amusement park

A unique park

Admittedly, there are also amusement parks closer in the Netherlands and Belgium. But Phantasialand has unique and original attractions that you won’t find anywhere else. The park continuously invests and innovates. Even attractions that are very similar to the ones you find everywhere are slightly more original and different here. The park is constantly looking for scoops where a new attraction breaks a record or contains innovative elements. In short, copying other parks is not an option for Phantasialand.

Ten original attractions in Phantasialand

If you like amusement parks, then you should not miss Phantasialand and you should simply visit it. There are many attractions, but ten stand out. They all set records or are so original that you won’t find them in the same way in other parks.

Winja’s Fear & Force

This is one of Phantasialand’s most popular attractions. ‘Winja’s Fear & Force’ is a so-called spinning coaster and is one of the best in the world in that genre. With a ‘spinning coaster’ you ride on a track, but the carts can also spin at the same time. Roller coasters with rotating carts can also be found in other parks, but they are often less spectacular than in Phantasialand.


When you view the track from the large hall through which the track runs, it all looks quite quiet. Carts of four people drive along tracks, occasionally making a sharp turn and turning back and forth. But appearances are deceiving. What you don’t see downstairs is that the attraction starts with an elevator. The hoisting up seems to take forever. When you reach the top, the cart suddenly tilts forward and the doors slide open. A voice sounds: ‘Winja’s Fear!’ or ‘Winja’s Force!’, after which the brakes release with a click and the car plunges steeply downwards. Afterwards, the track is full of fun elements such as drops, hairpin bends, changes of direction and surprise elements. For example, the track suddenly drops at an angle or you suddenly end up on a different track.

Two jobs

There are two different courses, each with their own surprises. In the last part of the queue before you get into the carts, choose left or right. On the left you will find ‘Winja’s Force’, on the right ‘Winja’s Fear’. Which job should you choose?
‘Winja’s Fear’ goes a little faster and is a little longer than ‘Winja’s Force’. The first ‘drop’ after the start is also a lot steeper and deeper. Many visitors therefore find this job the best. Others prefer ‘Winja’s Force’, with a lot of cornering and changes of direction after the first descent. This job has a completely different trajectory and progression than ‘Winja’s Fear’. A tip: try both jobs and form your own opinion.

Waiting times

There is one disadvantage. Waiting times are sometimes long, but they often drop to just five or ten minutes during the last opening hour. You can then quickly do this attraction a few more times.
River Quest / Source: Karim, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)


‘River Quest’ is an attraction with round boats on a whitewater river. You can find a ride like this in almost every amusement park. But almost nowhere will you find such a river as in Phantasialand. What makes this attraction different?
River Quest runs through a three-story building. You will soon notice that this is going to be something special when your boat suddenly ends up in a dead-end area. A door opens and the boat slides aside. Doors close and you end up in an elevator. When you arrive at the top, your first spectacular dive awaits you. This is followed by two more steep descents further along the course. Moreover, during the ride you will also end up in a large whirlpool, which was completely renovated in 2017.


Taron is one of the gems of Phantasialand. The rollercoaster opened in 2016 and replaced the outdated silver mine or Silbermine, where you rode past scenes from the Wild West at 2.3 kilometers per hour.
Although ‘Taron’ has no inversions or loops, it is still an intense ride. The attraction sets several world records. The speed reaches a staggering 117 kilometers per hour and has the peculiarity of a double launch. The second catapult launch in particular is downright brutal and one of the most intense in the world. The track crosses itself no fewer than 116 times during the ride and is packed with special effects.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba, named after the fastest snake in the world of the same name, is an inverted rollercoaster: passengers sit in chairs under a steel track above the cars. The attraction, decorated in an African theme, opened in 2006 and is still one of the most popular in Phantasialand. The ride lasts only 47 seconds but is very intense with speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour and many special elements such as a loop, a corkscrew and other effects.
The track runs partly underground. The ride also constantly gives the impression that you are going to collide with rocks or tunnels, but always avoids obstacles at the last moment. Phantasialand’s Black Mamba is known as one of the best coasters in Europe.
The Chiapas attraction in Phantasialand / Source: Druyts.t, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-4.0)


Chiapas opened in 2014. It’s Phantasialand’s version of the famous tree trunks on the water. The attraction replaced the outdated water ride. During the six-minute journey through a Mexican setting and jungle you will fall no fewer than three times.
One of the descents is among the steepest in the world for a tree trunk attraction. The slope is no less than 53 degrees. At one of the other ‘drops’ you even go down backwards, also rare for these types of attractions. High-tech gadgets with shifting tracks, fun decors and exciting music complete the experience.

Maus au Chocolat

Phantasialand also had a scoop with this attraction. After all, it was the first interactive 3D dark ride in Europe.


Lehmann Bakery is plagued by mice. And not just a mouse here or there. No, it’s just crawling with them. So you are sent to do something about it.


You sit in a cart that rotates 360 degrees. Armed with a whipped cream syringe, you slide through the bakery. Here and there you stop in one room or another to give the mice a good beating. Whoever has caught the most animals and scored the most points at the end of the ride is the winner.

Colorado Adventure

A somewhat older attraction from 1996, it has remained popular in the twenty-first century. None other than Michael Jackson personally opened the attraction in Phantasialand, which is why it is still called ‘the Michael Jackson thrill ride’. You get on a train and leave for a crazy ride of almost three minutes through a mountainous landscape full of mine shafts and rocks. When you sit in the cart you are amazed at the speed and the height. After all, it seems like a tame job at first glance, but it certainly isn’t. There are nice passages where you have the impression that the train is shooting forward for a moment before diving deep and steep into a mine. The steep and crooked descent at the very end, where the track runs completely crookedly against the rocks, is also just ‘creepy’.


The Mystery Castle is already visible from the Phantasialand parking lot. The 65-meter-high tower of this castle contains an exciting attraction with a so-called bungee drop: visitors are shot to the top at a high speed of 72 kilometers per hour, after which a free fall follows.
The attraction dates back to 1998 but has remained popular in the twenty-first century. The ride lasts no more than 45 exciting seconds. A must for fans of these types of attractions!


This steel shuttle track was opened together with Taron in 2016. Here too, Phantasialand set no less than a record: when opened it was the fastest and longest family boomerang coaster in the world. On a boomerang coaster, the carts are pulled backwards before the start of the ride, after which they are catapulted through the starting station. A family boomerang does not contain inversions and loops, but does contain helixes: the track makes an oblique bend with an angle of inclination up or down. This makes the attraction more suitable for children but still exciting enough for the elderly. Raik is located together with Taron in the same theme area ‘Klugheim’. The track reaches a speed of 62 kilometers per hour.
Temple of the Night Hawk / Source: Coaster J, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Temple of the Night Hawk, nostalgia in Phantasialand

At 46.5 kilometers per hour, this attraction may be a bit slow by today’s standards. But ‘Temple of the Night Hawk’ is pure nostalgia. It is now one of the oldest attractions in Phantasialand, built in 1988. But this track also still stands among the records: it remains one of the longest indoor roller coasters in the world.
Why is the roller coaster still in use after so many years? Firstly, because it is still popular with visitors. But also because it no longer looks like it did in 1988. The park has rebuilt the attraction several times. When it opened, the ride had a space theme and was called Space Center.
In 2001, this roller coaster in Phantasialand was completely converted and the space story disappeared. The departure hall now became a jungle and the ride through space became a journey through an old temple in total darkness, in which only a falcon projected with laser beams appeared here and there.
Since 2015, the amusement park has refreshed the attraction, with a few new lighting effects and a new soundtrack during the crazy ride. In short, despite its age, this classic gem will remain in Phantasialand for a while.