Air mattresses: material, sizes, designs and inflation

An air mattress is extremely easy to use in various situations. Will there be a guest when there is no bed left? An air mattress offers a solution. But air mattresses are of course mainly used for camping or to get a nice tan while floating on the water on a sunny day. An air mattress can also be used as an extra place to sleep in a holiday apartment and is a suitable mattress to take with you when traveling. Various sizes and designs are available for all these situations.

Air mattresses and the material

An airbed consists of a mattress that is filled with air. Compared to a normal mattress, it only provides relative comfort but great ease of use in situations where no bed is available. The material from which air mattresses are made is often rubber with a textile covering. There are also air mattresses made of plastic that are less suitable for sleeping but are used as water toys.

Unexpected overnight stay

Having an air mattress at home can also be useful if a visitor is unexpectedly unable to return home, for example in winter due to sudden icy conditions or if the last train is missed or due to circumstances where trains are canceled.

Various sizes and qualities

Air mattresses are available in different lengths, widths and heights and in both single and double versions. There is also a difference in comfort that keeps pace with the cost price and there is sufficient choice in qualities, making a personal choice possible.

Outdoor air mattress versions

An air mattress for outdoor use is also called an outdoor air mattress. There are dozens of different versions of this. There are already outdoor air mattresses available for a small budget that are sufficient for only little use and can even be left behind with too much luggage without losing a large investment. Campers and tourers benefit from better quality. These air mattresses lie like a real bed and are comfortable enough to sleep on for nights on end. They meet some special conditions, such as:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily foldable
  • Small package
  • Suitable for uneven ground


Inflating air mattresses

Air mattresses are inflated by mouth, a hand pump, foot pump or electrically.

  • By mouth: Inflating an air mattress with your mouth requires a lot of energy and sometimes leads to headaches or other problems. It is better to use a hand pump or foot pump.
  • Electric pump: But there are also electric pumps. An electric pump is often built-in and can be connected to electricity or runs on batteries or a battery. The air mattress is inflated within two to four minutes using a built-in electric pump.
  • Charging the battery: Some batteries can be charged using a 12 volt connection to a car battery or via a USB cable from a laptop.
  • Power available : When using an electric pump that runs on electricity, electricity must of course be available, which can be a problem when camping.
  • Large air mattress: If you want to purchase a large air mattress but do not feel like manually inflating such a large bed that requires a lot of air, it is better to choose an air mattress with a built-in pump.


Sometimes details

Air mattresses can distinguish themselves from others by one or more features, such as:

Separate top layer

With an air mattress with a flocked top layer that imitates suede, that layer provides extra comfort.

Wave construction

A special wave construction prevents problems with a hard surface with stones.

Dura Beam

With a Dura-Beam construction, no vinyl dividers are used, but super strong fibers of polyester material. The air flows are therefore distributed more gradually, which provides more comfort.

Raised air mattress

A raised air mattress makes getting in and out easier and is a striking model among all relatively flat models. The high models even have air mattresses that are more than fifty centimeters high.

No bedding?

Due to a velvety soft corduroy flock top layer, the use of bed linen is not absolutely necessary, but it is of course hygienic.

Online and trial

When purchasing an air mattress online, it is of course not possible to test it. But many beds offered online are from companies that have national chains and where on-site assessment does not require too long a journey. It is wise to check in advance whether the air mattress in question is in the range of the selected store, because not all stores have all products in stock.

Lower sales price

Air mattresses offered online, where there is no middleman or an expensive showroom, are generally cheaper due to cost savings that benefit the customer. The discounts for the same or similar products with other sellers can be very high.

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