5 Benefits of having a cactus in your house

Home decoration is not simply based on adding and combining furniture that fills the space, but we can also count on other elements that give a fresh and inspiring air to our house. Have you thought about cactus? Well yes, they are a good option to make our space a more comfortable and modern place.

In addition, they not only help us decorate the house, but they also have many other benefits. Discover what the 7 benefits of having a cactus at home are in this article.

What are cactus

Cactus (Cactaceae family) are beautiful and exotic plants native to America that are culturally closely related to the desert ecosystems of the world. However, they also grow in coastal environments and tropical areas, although to a lesser extent.

It is estimated that there are 1,400 species of cactus of all sizes, shapes and characteristics on the planet. The Cactaceae family is divided into three groups:

  • Nopales and xoconostle : fruit producers.
  • Elongated cactus, the flattened ones and the round ones : shaped like a candelabra and can live for many years (around 500).
  • Cactuses with leaves : which are the most primitive.

Although there are very large species of cactus such as the saguaro or the giant cardón that we would not think of protecting inside the home, there are also varieties that adapt perfectly to small spaces, such as a living room, an office, the bedroom or a planter. in the backyard.

Now that you know what cactus are, before seeing what the benefits of having a cactus in your home are, let’s learn some myths about them.

Myths about having cactus at home

There is a belief that cactus do not beautify spaces and bring bad luck by generating negative energy. But quite the opposite! Cactus are one of the favorite plants for decoration and to attract good vibes to homes.

The belief that they bring bad luck comes, in part, from Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy that teaches how to organize spaces to improve vital energy. This states that cactus thorns can break the harmony of a space and attract bad energies.

According to this philosophy, cactus should only be in outdoor spaces; that is, on terraces and patios so that all negative energy is kept away from the home.

Any internal area such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, studies, etc., should not shelter any cactus, as the energy will become tense and the people who come into contact will feel exhausted, overwhelmed and in a bad mood.

Although Feng Shui has many followers worldwide, these assertions do not have any scientific support . Some people claim to feel a lack of peace of mind since they kept cactus, while others claim that they have not experienced any type of problem or “bad energy” as a result of adopting these plants.

Benefits of having a cactus in your house

As we have seen that the myths about cactus have no scientific basis, let’s now learn what the benefits of having a cactus in your home are. We could summarize them in the following:

They give “life” to spaces

In reality, there are many types of plants that “give life” to the spaces in our home, and cactus are no exception. It is always more pleasant to work or stay in areas that are pleasing to the eye and these thorny plants harmoniously complement the places where we spend most of our time.

They serve as decoration elements

On their own, cactus are extremely beautiful. Its exotic nature attracts attention regardless of whether it is an Opuntia microdasys , Mammillaria microhelia or Ferocactus latispinus cactus . They all have very particular characteristics that will attract the attention of visitors.

The green color of the cactus in combination and/or contrast with walls, furniture or bookshelves will provide a quite harmonious and original environment.

Now, if we combine our cactus with the indicated pots , we will obtain perfect decoration elements that will match our style and/or personality. We can use smooth pots, vivid colors or dark colors; ecological pots made with recycled materials or hand-painted pots, either by us or by an artisan.

There are all prices

In decorative stores and nurseries we will see cactus of all prices. The fascinating thing is that you do not have to spend large amounts of money to acquire some. With several inexpensive ones or a more expensive but larger one, we can give our home or business that special touch that it so desperately needed.

It is also possible to grow our own cactus , but it is best to consult a plant expert for proper advice, since certain aspects must be considered for better conservation. And this depends in part on where we live.

They are easy to transport

The vast majority of cactus for home decoration are small and very easy to transport. This allows us to modify the distribution of our furniture and give a fresh air to our view to get out of the daily routine. This is very good for the mind and health!

They don’t need much care

There are no more perfect plants than cactus, for those people who love vegetation but are too careless to preserve them.

With these plants there will be no need to trim branches or constantly water. There is also no problem when we go on vacation, since they can withstand several days without a drop of water … so there will be no need to bother the neighbor. What more could we ask for?!

They purify the air

All plants have an important job of purifying the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Well, cactus are not exempt from these qualities and they do it very well.

They protect your health

Having cactus near computers helps reduce radiation from electromagnetic rays and frequencies , providing important protection to our health. So if you work many hours in front of a computer, cactus are a very good option.

How often should I water my cactus?

It is a very important aspect. It is believed that cactus should never receive water, but this is not the case. They do require it, although not in large quantities or daily. To know how often to water a cactus, we must consider :

  • The climate of our region
  • Plant size
  • The type of pot we will use for this

For example, if you are in a hot climate , you have a small cactus and a plastic pot, the cactus will need to receive water more frequently , since plastic is not a material that retains moisture for a long time, in combination with high temperatures. If this is your case, water twice a week during the summer, but do not flood the soil. The rest of the year it could be once a week.

If the climate is milder , the cactus is larger and the pot is made of clay, the frequency of watering decreases, since clay is a material that protects better from the sun’s rays. Water once a week during the summer and only once every 15 days the rest of the year.

As additional recommendations, when the ambient temperature is less than 10º C, cactus should hardly be watered, as rot is more likely. It is recommended to water with rainwater ; But if it is not possible to store it, use tap water, the same water that is used for washing clothes or bathing.

In some cities, tap water contains a high amount of metals, which makes it “heavy.” If so, you can let it sit for a few hours to separate the heavy metals.

Precautions when having cactus at home

We know perfectly well that a cactus must be handled with great caution. Although they do not threaten life in the event of an accident, it would be very painful to embed a thorn in the skin. Follow these recommendations, even if they seem very obvious, to avoid unexpected situations:

  • Move them without the help of any carrying object : carry only one in each hand. Don’t try to carry them between your arms and chest! (Even if they have their pot).
  • If you have dogs, remember to place the cactus on high places : it ensures that the animal will not reach it even when standing on two legs. If you have cats, choose cactus that have less dangerous thorns like the zebra cactus, or any other that the nursery recommends.
  • Be very careful with babies and children : human beings are very curious by nature and it is likely that in the event of a bad experience they will not repeat themselves, but it is better to maintain precautions. Keep cactus out of their reach and preferably avoid having cactus in places where children could suffer accidents when playing and running.
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