Cheb, a historic city in the Czech Republic

The city of Cheb is located on the westernmost tip of the Czech Republic and is surrounded by Germany. The city used to be called Eger, but due to repeated border changes, it is now located in the Czech region of Carlsbad in the province of West Bohemia. The city of Cheb is located approximately seven hundred kilometers from the Dutch border and is one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic. The center has a beautiful square with characteristic half-timbered houses and buildings with gable roofs.

The historic city of Cheb

The name of the city of Cheb is pronounced in Dutch as ‘gep’, the city was called Egra until the fourteenth century, after which the city was called Eger. This is because the city is located on the Ohre River, which in German is Eger. The city has been called Cheb since the sixteenth century. The city has many scenic spots, beautiful river views and many historical monuments.

Castle of Cheb

The Castle of Cheb is the only imperial palace and was founded in the 12th century by Frederick of Hohenstaufen (Barbarossa) on the site of a Slavic fortress. The Romanesque-Gothic chapel of Saints Erhard and Ursula is a beautiful showpiece. The black tower built from volcanic stones is also definitely worth a visit. Just like the brickwork, the casemates containing an exhibition that you can visit.
Source: Donald Judge, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)Source: Donald Judge, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)Source: Donald Judge, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

Ecclesiastical monuments

A large number of ecclesiastical monuments have been preserved in Cheb. The churches still show that faith has played an important role in the history of the area. Many churches and monuments are currently being restored so that they are preserved for the future.
Source: Bernd Thaller, Flickr (CC BY-2.0) Saint Nicholas Church
The church was built between the 1220s and 1230s and was originally a Romanesque basilica. The church has three naves and the Romanesque influence can still be seen in the portal in the western wall.

Franciscan Monastery

In the center of the historic city of Cheb you can find the Franciscan Monastery. There is a richly decorated vault that is well worth a look. The Gothic cloister dates from the 15th century.

What is there to do nearby?

Although there is of course plenty to do in the city itself, you also want to explore the surrounding area when you are in the Czech Republic. This can be done in many ways. From the city you can go in various directions by train. The road network is well developed, but you can also make optimal use of the cycling and walking opportunities. The nature in the area is beautiful and it is highly recommended to take a beautiful tour through it.


The Soos nature reserve is located near Cheb. It is a nature reserve that is certainly very valuable in terms of mineralogy and geology. During your walk through the area you will pass peatlands, swamps and mud volcanoes. You literally see the mud blubbering out of the ground. The walk is approximately two kilometers long and takes you over flat paths or wooden decking, making it easy to follow with a wheelchair or stroller.

Chamber Hill – Komorní Hurka

You can find the Chamber Hill between the small village of Briza, which is located on the border with Germany, and Cheb. There is a hiking trail along the edges of the crater of a young volcano. The famous poet Goethe often visited this place because he was a geology enthusiast. There is a memorial plaque carved into the rocks in honor of his many visits.
Source: Anatemanovotrics, Pixabay Frantiskovy Lazne
Due to the volcanic activity around Cheb, there are many thermal baths and spas nearby. The city of Frantiskovy Lazne, or Fransenbad in German, was founded in 1793 on the site of an ancient medicinal spring. The city is located about five kilometers from Cheb and is still a seaside resort with a wide promenade in the center and many parks with pavilions in them. In the city you can bathe in a natural spring with very iron-rich and sulphurous water and you can also take a sip of the spring water at various places in the city.

Butterfly house

In Stodola, a small town about ten kilometers from Cheb, you can find the butterfly house. Exotic and European butterflies fly around you in a glass conservatory with a tropical climate, and there is also a nice gift shop.
Source: Fishinkaa, Pixabay


Dishes from Bohemian cuisine are eaten in and around Cheb, these dishes have a clear influence from German and Austrian cuisine. Schnitzels, pork, sauerkraut and sausages, potatoes, dumplings and knees are regularly on the menu together with a real Czech pivo (pilser), but you can also go to the Czech Republic for delicious wine. The historic square in the middle of the center invites you to enjoy the view or the sun while enjoying a snack and a drink. You pay this with Czech crowns. With a cup of coffee or tea, a Czech Trdelnik is a sweet delicacy. This treat is rotated on long wooden rollers over a fire, so that it can always be eaten fresh. The sweet Trdelniks are often sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, but a hazelnut spread filling is also an option.

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