Employment agencies for people over 50 and seniors

Older people seem to be increasingly caught up in the mix of unemployment on the one hand and the postponement of the state pension age on the other. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people over 50 are looking for a job to bridge the financial gap between unemployment benefit and state pension. A permanent job is often no longer possible, so going to an employment agency is a solution. There are employment agencies that focus primarily on this market, but this approach requires extra attention. These employment agencies look more at the specific qualities of older people, such as reliability, experience and life wisdom.

The labor market for the elderly

The labor market is often difficult or impossible to access for people over 50. While in the past people were talking about people over 55, the problem has also expanded to 45-year-olds.

As a person over 50, you can hardly count on a permanent appointment anymore, so you are increasingly dependent on temporary work, probably below your level and often through a temporary employment agency. This is increasingly the case among seniors who, at the end of an unemployment benefit period, still have to bridge a period until they retire. You may be taking an IOW benefit, but you may not be eligible for it. In both cases you want to go back to work and that does not happen automatically.

However frustrating and unjust this situation is, and however much older unemployed people are angry about it, we cannot change much about it. What we can do is to explore all avenues and take advantage of opportunities to get back to work, and specialized employment agencies have been created for this purpose.

Employment agencies for seniors

There are of course many employment agencies in our country; you can find them just about on the corner of every street in certain areas. In recent years, they have also had a difficult time due to the ongoing recession; There are more than enough job seekers, but the number of temporary jobs is very limited. If you come in here as a person over 55, the employees will greet you kindly and speak to you, but what they don’t say but do think is: ,There’s another one… what should we do with it!,.

Jobs for the elderly

Most of the jobs they have are exclusively intended for young people, they are not aimed at seniors and do not have a network that meets those specific needs. Just as there are employment agencies for technical professions, or with vacancies exclusively in the healthcare sector, the 50-plus target group also requires its own approach. It is for this reason that employment agencies have emerged, whether or not as part of regular agencies, that specialize in this target group, with employees who are familiar with that target group and have a connecting network.

Well-known 50-pus employment agencies

  • Senior group, experts for those over 40, also in secondment and continuing to work after pre-retirement. They have branches in 18 major cities, which means there is reasonable national coverage.
  • Actief65+ is a specialized employment agency for people over 65. They work from one central office in Amsterdam but have clients spread throughout the Netherlands.
  • Ervaring is a franchise organization and has branches in Utrecht, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Breda, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Zwolle. Their team consists of managers and intermediaries with long-term experience in employment mediation, including employment agencies, recruitment and selection and executive search. They mainly work in higher positions.
  • Route 55 focuses on professionals with an average age of 55 (and older) and who have expertise in a particular industry. They prefer not to be called seniors, retirees, older people or people over 50 because they are still in the middle of life.
  • Experienced Years is a member of the NBBU and focuses mainly on professional skills in combination with qualities that most elderly people have: loyalty, punctuality and reliability.
  • Oudvit Seniorenbanen is mainly active in the Northern Netherlands and specifically in Friesland and surrounding areas


Which approach is right for you?

The number of 50-plus employment agencies with branches in the country is decreasing rather than increasing and you increasingly end up on a website where you are asked for your details so that they can match and contact you. There is something to be said for both:

Advantage agency with location

  • You can present yourself well. If, for whatever reason, you think you are less likely to ,stand out, in such a conversation, it is better to make digital contact.
  • You get to know the employee personally and can therefore follow up better
  • They often have local positions on file, giving you better chances


Advantage agency with an office elsewhere and/or only a website

  • It is practical for the employees because you enter all the information
  • A larger number of vacancies, although also further away
  • You don’t have to go out and you are no longer in control

There are also websites, home pages and other collection sites where you will find a lot of information, references to various employment agencies and job sites. This is practical but does require some knowledge to ,separate the wheat from the chaff,. You can easily get lost in all kinds of services and products, resulting in wasted time. Some of the better websites are listed below:


  • seniors.startpunt.nl
  • novos.nl
  • futurecoach.nl
  • seniors.startpagina.nl (work and income)


Temporary work for people over 50

This can be classified into the following categories:

  • Specialist work for which age is not essential, such as accountant, plasterer or spot welder.
  • Work where seniority is important, such as funeral director, Santa Claus or in childcare
  • Relatively simple work, for limited hours, such as driver, mailman or cleaner


Tips for your contacts with employment agencies

  • Present yourself optimally, well-groomed and fit
  • Don’t turn down any suggestions; maybe it leads to something else
  • Make sure you are remembered
  • Follow up on your contacts and stay in touch
  • If there is a branch nearby, pop in every now and then
  • Register with multiple agencies
  • Keep actively following the vacancies on their websites