Free art in Sweden: Uddenskulptur in Hunnebostrand

Enjoy the beach, sea and art objects at Hunnebostrand in Sweden. This fishing village literally has a heart of stone with a sculpture exhibition by international artists in an old stone quarry. Surrounded by rock and water, Uddenskulptur is a sculpture park with special works of art along the beach promenade. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge all year round, in the open air.

Hunnebostrand – from settlement to granite trade

Driving past Gothenburg, the typical Bohuslän landscape is clearly visible with the archipelago (shallow sea with rock islands) and archaeological sites from the Viking Age. The fishing village of Hunnebostrand is located in the municipality of Sotenäs in the southern part of Sweden, near the famous fishing town of Smögen. The small settlement of Hunnebostrand has existed since 1200 AD and was used for the granite trade around 1850 AD. The Udden quarry was created as a result of the high demand for granite and the fact that Sweden could more than meet it. Along the seacoast in Sotenäs, blocks of granite were cut from the high cliffs, loaded directly onto ships and shipped worldwide. Swedish granite was used for everything from benches to art. The quarry is no longer operable, but the cut-out part lends itself to a pleasant beach promenade in a historic part of Sweden.
Uddenskulptur Hunnebostrand Sweden

History and culture come together at the impressive Udden quarry

Udden can be found at Norra Hamnen (the harbor in the north) in Hunnebostrand. There are parking spaces before and after Uddenskulptur (sculpture in Udden). The social aspect, history and culture of this fishing village are best seen during a walk. The fishermen’s houses, restaurants and old cobblestones in the streets look atmospheric. From the village center you can also take the beach promenade along the sea, past shops, restaurants and the harbor to the bathing part of Hunnebostrand. The beach promenade is easily accessible by Swedish standards and offers plenty of seating. At the end of the harbor is the mooring of a steamboat. A sea trip is possible for a fee. After the old steamboat and the parking lot you will find the old, imposing Udden quarry with high rock walls and a beautiful view over the archipelago coast.
Uddenskulptur Hunnebostrand Sweden

Impressive, international exhibition between rock and water in Uddenskulptur

Works by various international artists can be admired in the sculpture park (Skulpturpark) in Udden. The objects are artfully intertwined with the old Udden quarry. The collection is playfully integrated into nature. The walk is freely accessible, free and completely outdoors. There are signs about the exhibition at the edges of the quarry. Grab a free catalog from a wooden cupboard there and immediately learn more about the works and the artists. Part of the offer changes annually. The objects differ in material, sometimes granite, sometimes marble, sometimes wood. The walk on the promenade along the high rock walls in combination with the archipelago coast is impressive. The rock walls can be climbed in various places, so you can literally view the works of art from a different angle. You can sometimes touch the art. Sometimes it is far out of your reach on top of a rock wall or in the sea. Some works of art are immense. Others are modest, but striking enough. The exhibition makes you fantasize and search between rock and water.

Udden and Hunnebostrand put themselves on the world map

The fact is that Udden and Hunnebostrand put themselves firmly on the (world) map with this walk between water and rock. Every year more art lovers come and therefore more tourists. The municipality revives with this tourist attraction. The works of art in this unique setting provoke thought, stimulate the imagination and encourage you to enjoy the natural elements. And that is exactly what the organizers and artists had in mind when creating this exhibition. Additional information about the works of art and further expansion of the park can be found at
Beach promenade Uddenskulptur

High springboards and bathing beach at Udden

After the sculpture park, the bathing part begins. The immense wooden construction on the quay is worth a visit. It is a jumping bridge, where you can jump into the water from various heights. The highest point of the springboards is approximately 15 meters. Swimming and diving is at your own risk, because there is no supervision. At the end of the promenade you will find a beach with a kiosk and play facilities for children. There are also parking bays at the end of the seaside resort.

See an old quarry in the stonemasonry museum – Stenhuggerimuseet

There are no more devices in Udden. Would you like to know how people worked in an old stone quarry and what materials were used then? Then you can visit the Stenhuggerimuseet quarry museum in Hunnebostrand. Tools, granite objects and unprocessed granite are still displayed in this old quarry. Part of it can be viewed free of charge. Although small, this museum gives some insight into working in the stone industry. Information about the location and the museum itself can be found at