8 Characteristics of Introverts

8 Characteristics of Introverts
Introverts tend to focus on their own thoughts, feelings and moods. Some people consider introverted types to have few friends and tend to be shy. What are introverts and extroverts, and what are the characteristics of introverts? Check out the following review.

There are two most common personality types, namely introverts and extroverts. The introvert personality type is known as shy, quiet and antisocial. In fact, the stereotype of an introvert is often seen as selfish and arrogant.

Meanwhile, the extrovert personality type is related to human behavior that likes social interaction in a social environment. The extrovert personality type is more confident and open to someone.

Introverts tend to focus on their own thoughts, feelings and moods. Some people consider introverted types to have few friends and tend to be shy. What are introverts and extroverts, and what are the characteristics of introverts? Check out the following review.

What is Introvert

Introvert is a personality type that is opposite to extrovert. The introvert personality type is often misunderstood as shy and antisocial. Even though shy and introverted are not the same. Shy people tend to feel uncomfortable when in certain social situations, especially when interacting with strangers.

Quoting from hellosehat.com , experts classify shyness as a mental health disorder. But this disorder is included in the mild social anxiety group. Meanwhile, introverts prefer to be alone to gather their energy. Introverts have no problem being in social situations. From this explanation, introverts are individuals who like to be in less crowded environments.

They need time alone to get their energy back. This personality type is influenced by hereditary factors from parents, environment, and parenting patterns. Introvert personality types can grow and become more confident when supported.

Characteristics of Introverts

The following are the characteristics of introverts that you need to know.

1. Respect Privacy

Some introverts think privacy is a personal matter and must be respected. According to them, this privacy issue is sensitive. When someone tells a problem, the introvert becomes the part to listen. Usually introverts are more private, honest and keep secrets well.

2. Busy yourself with your time

Introverts get happiness from spending time alone. They like things that make them happy. This makes other people think introverts are unpleasant and antisocial. But that doesn’t mean introverted people are alone all day long.

3. Energy is drained when you are with lots of people

Introverts have no problem interacting and being in social situations. But their energy is easily drained if they continue to interact with many people at one time. The difference between introverts and extroverts lies in how they get energy. Extroverts easily get energy when they meet lots of people. On the other hand, introverts spend time alone to restore their energy.

4. Have a small and high-quality circle of friends

The introvert personality type is not always alone in everyday life. They prefer small friendships with familiar people. Introverts like to socialize and choose friends of the same frequency (thinking). This little friendship is to maintain a quality relationship.

5. Introspection and Curiosity

An introvert has an active and sensitive inner thought process. Quoting from gramedia.com, they do self-introspection and examine things that don’t fit. An introvert needs knowledge and seeks information. They tend to listen carefully which makes them calmer and get answers.

6. Likes to express by writing

Introverts often feel unstructured when saying something. Introverts can express their hearts and minds by writing. An introvert spends more time considering the choice of words and thoughts. They felt sure that what was in their minds was expressed in books. The characteristic of introverts when chatting or sending messages is writing directly. They will send messages straight to the core issue without mincing words.

7. Work Alone

Introverted individuals prefer to work alone rather than in groups. They like to work alone because it is more focused and detailed. An introvert is more productive and processes his thoughts optimally when alone. Even though working alone, an introvert can accept group members and opinions for work.

8. More easily distracted

The eighth characteristic of introverts is that they are easily distracted. Some people get overwhelmed when meeting lots of people or in crowds. Introverted individuals tend to have difficulty concentrating when they are uncomfortable. They are more focused and happy in a quiet place without distractions.

9. Be more aware of yourself

Introverts tend to often delve into their feelings and thoughts. They learn more about various things related to themselves. This personality type likes to find out what they like and make it a hobby. They like to think and do what they like. For example, watching films and reading books for self-reflection.

10. Observation

Introverts have the ability to observe when meeting other people. Apart from that, introverts tend to learn everything first before practicing it directly. Introverted individuals observe the environment and repeatedly convince themselves to do something, through observation.

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