Mountain holiday: enjoy organizing and experiencing

Where are we going this year? In many families or with many couples and singletons, the big question is what their next holiday destination will be. Will it be lazing on the beach, experiencing culture, or being active? Many ultimately choose a mountain holiday either because they have loved it for years or just to experience it. The trick is to have anticipation when organizing it and from there to approach the holiday with a good mind, in the expectation that the experience will bring a lot of pleasure afterwards.

Nice feeling when organizing yourself

Of course it is simple to go to a travel agency and book a trip within half an hour. But it can also be done differently by arranging everything yourself, which is often much cheaper.

Choose target

It starts with choosing a goal. A blind shot at the atlas could be exciting, but it is better to do something else. It usually starts with determining the maximum distance to a mountain area. Traveling by car or plane is also a determining factor. By car the destination will often be in a European mountain area.


Studying the French, Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps, for example, can provide interesting topographical knowledge or revive old knowledge. Once the region has been chosen, leaflets can help you make a further choice.


Brochures are very easy to request via the internet at local tourist office offices (German: Verkehrsverein, French: Syndicat d’Initiative). If you start organizing on time, it is best to wait a week until the leaflets arrive in the letterbox.

Nice feeling

Determining the goal satisfactorily and studying the colorful brochures with many photos can already give you a nice feeling.

Leaflets about mountain holidays

Brochures usually provide extensive information about everything related to a mountain holiday in terms of activities, location and surroundings, travel, going out, and accommodation options.


  • Mountain climbing
  • Mountain hiking
  • Curling
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • To ski
  • Snowshoe tours
  • Sled sliding
  • Tennis
  • Winter hiking
  • Ice Skating
  • Swimming


Location and surroundings

  • Lakes nearby
  • Cities in the area
  • Accessibility
  • Mountain views


To travel

  • Baan subscriptions
  • Necessary vignettes
  • Public transport subscriptions
  • Ski subscriptions
  • Regional subscriptions


Going out

  • Events
  • Gastronomy
  • Wellness


Accommodation options

  • Mountain hotel
  • Mountain hut
  • Camping
  • Group accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Youth hostel
  • Lodge
  • Sleeping with the farmer
  • Sleeping in the straw
  • Holiday homes (chalets)

(Free) information packages are also often available on various topics.


  • Mountain hiking
  • Family stay
  • Mountain bike
  • Winter catalogue
  • Summer catalogue


Cheaper private booking

Once sufficient information has been collected, there are two more options for booking. The easiest way is to work with an organization via the internet or book through a tourist office. Anyone who wants to put in a little more time can search for private landlords and contact them. This is also usually done via the internet because the time of writing letters and waiting to see who will respond is long gone. Booking privately is generally cheaper than through an organization or through the tourist office.

Maximum experience and enjoyment

Anyone who wants to experience a mountain holiday to the fullest for the first time would do well to realize a few things in advance or to take them into account during the holiday. Taking certain items with you can also increase the fun.

Air pressure and altitude sickness

One of the main differences with the lowlands is the air pressure. The higher in the mountains the lower the air pressure is. Depending on the sensitivity to this, which can differ from person to person, you must first get used to the different air pressure at high altitude to prevent altitude sickness.

Fear of heights

Not a disease, but fear of heights is very difficult. Although there are therapies to deal with this, this will not have sufficient effect within one holiday. It is therefore better to avoid paths along precipices. Driving on normal connecting roads will not be a problem, but driving passes with many precipices and narrow roads is not wise for someone who suffers from a fear of heights.


An altimeter is not a necessary instrument, but nice to have. On an altimeter you can see exactly at what height you are walking or cycling. It is also nice to be able to see afterwards how much has been climbed in total.

Mountain shoes

Anyone who is used to walking in hiking boots or good sports shoes will not immediately realize that walking in the mountains requires more support. Also because mountain paths sometimes resemble small rivers, due to the water from melting snow or heavy (nighttime) rainfall, it is better to bring real mountain boots.

Not just for large budgets

A mountain holiday can be very expensive, but there are various options to keep the budget somewhat limited.

  • Organize yourself: If you organize everything yourself and rent accommodation from a private individual, this will make a big difference.
  • Department stores: Furthermore, in the Alpine countries there are sometimes large department stores where prices are a lot lower.
  • Subscriptions: Instead of buying a ticket for a mountain railway each time, it is better to be well informed about which subscriptions are available for a certain period. This is certainly the case with winter sports. This can also save a lot of money.


Avoid getting sick

Getting sick is never fun and certainly not on holiday. But flu can also be contracted in the summer. However, there is a difference between a summer flu and a winter flu. Winter flu is caused by the influenza virus and summer flu is mainly caused by enteroviruses or noroviruses and also by other viruses or parasites. The viruses and parasites that cause summer flu can spread through infected people. Spread and contraction often occurs via the hands. Prevention by observing good hygiene is therefore a good action.

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