Ski area Kühtai in the Austrian Alps

Kühtai is a small village in the Austrian Alps. The village consists exclusively of hotels, restaurants, bars and apartments. It’s basically one long street. There are slopes on both sides of the street, all of which lead to the main street. Kühtai is located at an altitude of 2020 meters, so it is a snow-sure village. However, if there is a lot of snow, the road to Kühtai may be impassable. Most accommodations in Kühtai are a bit more expensive than other ski areas, but this is partly due to the very favorable location of the hotels in relation to the slopes.


The Kühtai ski area has 39 kilometers of slopes in 2018. Of this, 6 kilometers are blue slopes, 26 kilometers are red slopes and 7 kilometers are black slopes. The Kühtai ski area is especially suitable for experienced skiers, because there are many red and black slopes. All slopes end on the main road and from there you can take a new lift up. There are many different types of slopes. For example, there are slopes with trees on and along the slopes, ski roads, steep and flat slopes.

Spring park

For enthusiasts, there are also jumping parks in Kühtai. The course changes every year, but every year there are different jumps in different sizes. The jumping parks are for both snowboarders and skiers. In 2018 there are three jumping parks and they are located on the Dreisehenbahn, the Hohenmutbahn and the Kaiserbahn.

Half pipe

There is also a half-pipe in the Kühtai ski area. The half-pipe is very long and is made slippery every day by snow plows. It is allowed to go on the half-pipe with both skis and a snowboard.


There are several lifts in Kühtai. Almost all lifts are on the main road of Kühtai.




Ski slope


Gondola lift

2447 meters

blue and red



2410 meters




2343 meters

Red and black



2068 meters



Tow lift

2185 meters



Tow lift

2420 meters

blue and red

High Cable Car


2520 meters


Gaiskogel lift

Tow lift

2261 meters




2205 meters

Black and red



2040 meters



Tow lift

2035 meters


Baby lift

drag lift

2230 meters


Last updated July 18, 2018

catering industry


There are many hotels in Kühtai and most are located directly on the slopes. Due to their favorable location, the hotels are more expensive compared to hotels in other ski areas. Examples of large hotels in Kühtai are hotel Moriz, Mooshaus hotel and Alpenrose hotel.


There are a number of restaurants in Kühtai. Most restaurants are in the hotels, but even if you are not in the hotel, it is still possible to eat there. In 2018, the Dorfstadl restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Kühtai. There is a large cow on the terrace and inside the restaurant is decorated in an authentic Austrian atmosphere. For example, there are cuddly walls, stuffed animals and the service wears real Austrian costumes.


As of 2018, there are three ski huts on top of the slopes, they are located on the Dreisehenbahn, the Kaiserbahn and the Hohemutbahn. There are a few cafes on the main street, but Kühtai is not known for its aprés-ski. In 2018, only the Dorfstadl restaurant, Schlossbar and Loisl’s schirmbar occasionally organize parties with drinks and Austrian music.

Ski and snowboard school

In Kühtai it is also possible to learn to ski or snowboard. There are several ski and snowboard schools that provide ski and snowboard lessons to children and adults. It is possible to take ski and snowboard lessons in a group, but private lessons are also offered. In 2018, Follow Me and 1. Ski und snowboardschule Kühtai are the two largest ski and snowboard schools in Kühtai.

Ski and snowboard rental

It is also possible to rent skis, snowboards and all other necessary equipment for skiing or snowboarding in Kühtai. You can do this, for example, in the Sport 2000 Seppl.


All in all, the Kühtai ski area is a large and diverse ski area for all levels. There are many different slopes of every difficulty level. There are also many different lifts such as chair, gondola and drag lifts and many different services are offered such as ski and snowboard lessons and ski and snowboard rental. Finally, there are many hotels, restaurants and cafes right on the slopes.