Stratosphere: Las Vegas Hotel

The Stratosphere hotel is located in Las Vegas on the famous Strip. The hotel has a high tower, with various attractions on top. But that is not all that the hotel and casino has to offer. What exactly is the Stratosphere hotel and what can you do and find there? Is it a good hotel to stay during your trip to Las Vegas?


  • History of the Stratosphere
  • Attractions on the Stratosphere
  • Hotel rooms and suites
  • Restaurants at the Stratosphere hotel
  • Fun facts about the hotel


History of the Stratosphere

The hotel was conceived by Bob Stupak in the early 1990s. He wanted to replace the Stratosphere with his Vegas World hotel. The hotel opened on April 30, 1996, and by June 2001, the second tower with a thousand rooms was built at a cost of approximately one trillion dollars. Around 2000, a proposal was made for a roller coaster that would go up the tower and also travel along Las Vegas Boulevard. However, this was not approved due to possible noise pollution. Instead, the High Roller ended up on top of the tower. At 227 meters, the roller coaster was the second highest in the world and the highest roller coaster in the world. In December 2005, the roller coaster was demolished to make way for new attractions.

Attractions on the Stratosphere

So the High roller was one of the attractions on top of the Stratosphere. Nowadays there are three attractions, which are only intended for the real daredevils. Fortunately, people who have less courage can also enjoy this tower.

Big Shot

The Big Shot is the highest attraction in the world, reaching a height of 329 meters. It is a kind of pole in which you are shot up. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the beautiful view of Las Vegas for a moment before shooting back down.

Insanity, the Ride

Insanity, the ride, was opened in 2005 and was immediately the third highest attraction in the world at 274 meters. The attraction is a kind of big hand that comes over the edge of the tower and spins in circles. Below you you see Las Vegas and you just have to hope that you get out of the attraction alive. The attraction produces no less than three g-forces.

X Scream

At 264 meters, X-Scream is the third highest attraction in the world. You sit in a kind of cart that moves in such a way that it looks like you are falling off the tower. You see the streets below you and then… you go back up.

Observation Deck

The Observation Deck is a little less scary and above all offers a beautiful view of the city. You are in the highest tower of the building, which is no less than 356 meters high. This tower is also the tallest free-standing tower in America. From this point you have a beautiful view of all of Las Vegas.

Entrance fees

To enter the attractions or the Observation Deck, you must pay an entrance fee. Do you want to go on the attractions? Then you will have to pay for access to the Observation Deck and the attraction itself. Are you planning to do the attractions multiple times? There are also various promotions that make it cheaper. Guests at the hotel receive a discount.
Tickets for the tower

  • Adults: $11.95
  • Children: $8.00
  • Elderly: $8.00
  • Hotel guest: $8.00
  • Nevada State Resident: $8.00

Tickets for the attractions

  • Big Shot: $10
  • X-Scream: $10.00
  • Insanity, the ride: $10


  • Tower Admission + Unlimited Attractions: $31.95
  • Tower admission + 3 rides: $25.95
  • Tower admission + 2 rides: $21.95
  • Tower admission + 1 rides: $17.95


Hotel rooms and suites

At the Stratosphere hotel there are 2,444 hotel rooms and 133 suites. Do you choose a room in one of the mini-towers? Then you are almost certain that you will have a beautiful view. There is 24-hour room service and a real fitness room has been set up for guests who want to work out. The hotel also has two swimming pools available, including beach club 25, for which you must be 21 years or older.

Restaurants at the Stratosphere hotel

The Stratosphere hotel and casino has several restaurants available, where both hotel guests and visitors can dine.

Top of the world

The Top of the World restaurant is located in the Stratosphere tower. From the restaurant you have a 360 degree view, because it rotates once every hour and twenty minutes. A spot by the window provides a beautiful view. The restaurant once received the Best Gourmet room award. The menu includes dishes with fresh fish and steaks. The wine list is very extensive and has been recognized by several publications.

Fellini’s tower of pasta

Lovers of Italian cuisine can visit this restaurant. In 2005, this restaurant was awarded the title of The Most Romantic Restaurant in Las Vegas. The chef, Joseph Siano, has more than thirty years of experience and provides the tastiest Italian dishes.

Roxy Dinner

Do you want to go back to the days of Rock and Roll? Then you’ve come to the right place at Roxys dinner. The waitresses provide entertainment by singing and dancing. At Roxys dinner you mainly get typical American dishes, such as meatloaf with potatoes, roast chicken and of course burgers.

Lucky’s cafe

When you are in Las Vegas, you also want to experience the typical atmosphere of Vegas. The café is decorated in the style of Las Vegas in the 1950s. Everything is served, from coffee to burgers. There is also enough diversity for people who want to have breakfast there. You can go for fresh fruit or an omelet.

Courtyard Buffet

For a small amount you can eat from the various buffets. There is a special buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Friday and Sunday there is also a buffet for fish lovers. The buffet has both American and foreign dishes. Typically American, for example, is the macaroni & cheese or the fried chicken. Foreign dishes include Swedish meatballs and fish n chips.

Naga Chinese Express

Oriental food is excellent in Naga Chinese Express. Everything can be found there: simple rice dishes, but also sushi. The restaurant is unfortunately closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Other restaurants

  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Ice cream)
  • Haagen-Daz Ice Cream (Ice Cream)
  • Mamma Ilardo’s (Pizza)
  • Sister’s Cafe & Grille (Café)
  • StarBucks Coffee (Coffee. This is also the highest StarBucks in the world)
  • The Crazy Armadillo (Mexican)


Fun facts about the hotel

  • Since the Stratosphere opened, six people have jumped from the tower to commit suicide
  • The casinos cover an area of 7,432 m².
  • The famous show ‘Bite’ is in this hotel.
  • The Stratosphere tower houses the highest wedding chapel in Las Vegas.