Tulip Route Noordoostpolder and Flevoland

In addition to South and North Holland, tulips also grow and bloom in abundance in the Noordoostpolder and Flevoland. Tulip fields can even be found in the north of Friesland. The tulips are headed as soon as they bloom and the bulbs are exported. But before that happens, everyone can enjoy all these beautiful colors. A special route has been mapped out: the Tulip Route. This route is in both the Noordoostpolder and Flevoland. It is possible to drive this by car, but cyclists and walkers can also follow the route. Many tourists come from far and wide.


  • Routes canceled in 2020
  • Tulip routes
  • Target flower bulb fields
  • Tulip route Noordoostpolder
  • Tulip route Flevoland


Routes canceled in 2020

Due to the coronavirus, the Tulip Routes in both the Noordoostpolder and Flevoland have been canceled. People are strongly requested NOT to come and look at the bulb fields. This is all in the context of the health of both you and the grower.

Tulip routes

Once the tulips are in full bloom in the Netherlands, there are special routes to follow in several places. This is possible in North Holland, but also in Flevoland and the Noordoostpolder. Many people, both nationally and internationally, come to this event. We think the flowering bulb fields are beautiful to see, but they actually have a purpose.
tulip field with one white tulip in a yellow field / Source: ©ottergraafjes

Target flower bulb fields

One would expect the tulips to be cut and sold as flowers. But actually that’s not the goal. The flower bulbs are exported abroad. So the bulbs without flowers. But how does a grower know what color the bulbs are if they have never flowered? He has difficulty selling flower bulbs and saying that they all bloom red, while orange tulips come out. That is why the bulbs must bloom first, so that the grower can see what color the bulbs are. As soon as the tulips bloom, they are headed and only bulbs remain. These bulbs are then removed from the ground and later prepared for export. It can sometimes happen that one different color suddenly emerges between a certain color. This tulip is then removed from the ground, bulb and all. It has therefore been rejected for export.
Tulip Route Noordoostpolder / Source: ©ottergraafjes

Tulip route Noordoostpolder

The Tulip Route has existed in the Noordoostpolder for a long time and goes together with the Tulip Festival. A different route is mapped out every year. This has to do with the flowering bulb fields. They are not in the same place every year. The Tulip Route runs from mid-April to early May. Some years the route is opened earlier than others. This has everything to do with the weather in the spring. If it is cold for a longer period of time, the bulbs will bloom later. This was also the case in 2018. The route was opened on April 21, while in 2017 the route was already plotted at the beginning of April.
tulip fields / Source: ©ottergraafjes

Tulip route Flevoland

In 2014, a Tulip Route was set out in Flevoland for the first time. First, people could enjoy all the beautiful colors in the area around Dronten, Swifterbant and Zeewolde. Lelystad was added to the route in 2018 and Almere was added to the route in 2020. In 2019 there were four car and bicycle routes and one walking route. The walking route was at Swifterbant. It was even possible to view the tulip fields of Flevoland from the air, with a helicopter.