Wipstrik, district in the east of Zwolle

De Wipstrik is a district of the city of Zwolle, in the province of Overijssel. More than 6,200 residents live in the district. In this popular residential area, not far from the city center, residents will find sufficient facilities for young and old and something for everyone. The neighborhood has a rather gruesome history, in which people were hanged in the middle of the street as punishment.


  • General information Wipstrik, Zwolle
  • History of the district
  • The city of Zwolle
  • PEC Zwolle
  • Amenities, hospital and shops
  • Park de Wezenlanden
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General information Wipstrik, Zwolle

The Wipstrik district borders the Diezerpoort and Assendorp districts and is located on the eastern side of the city, not far from the Zwolle city center. The district consists of Wipstrik-Noord (writersbuurt and Oosterenk) and Wipstrik-Zuid (zeeheldenbuurt) separated by the Wipstrikkerallee. The district contains many types of housing (workers’ houses, mansions, apartment buildings with apartments) from different periods. The district offers owner-occupied and rental properties.

History of the district

In ancient literature, the word Wipstrik literally stands for the word; gallows. For a long time, people were hanged on gallows on Wipstrikkerallee, the artery of the neighborhood, adorned by old trees on both sides. The city center of Zwolle did not offer enough space to properly carry out the punishments. The Wipstrikkerallee became the new place for the gallows and the death penalty was carried out here until 1837. In the 20th century the neighborhood grew and was expanded considerably with new homes, which are still there today. The Zeeheldenbuurt has the lowest home values in the district. The northern part of the Wipstrik houses houses with a slightly higher property value, as well as apartments. With its large and beautiful houses on either side, Wipstrikkerallee has the highest home values in the district.

The city of Zwolle

Zwolle is the capital of the province of Overijssel and has a population of approximately 125,000. After Enschede, Zwolle is the largest city in the province. The location of Zwolle is often experienced as favorable. The city is an important transport hub between the northern provinces, Friesland and Groningen, and the rest of the country.

PEC Zwolle

The stadium of professional football club PEC Zwolle is located on the edge of the Wipstrik district. The Mac3Park is located on the Ceintuurbaan, where the football club plays its home games. PEC Zwolle has been playing in its club colors blue/white for many years. The stadium also houses restaurants, several shops, a casino and the Lumen hotel. There is a large parking lot at the rear of the stadium. PEC Zwolle will play the 2017-2018 season in the Eredivisie of Dutch professional football.

Amenities, hospital and shops

There are few shops in the area. For daily groceries you can shop at the Spar supermarket on Roemer Visscherstraat. There are several hair salons in the area. For a more extensive choice of shops, it is recommended to visit the city center of Zwolle. The neighborhood has its own open-air pool, which can only be visited with a subscription, in combination with volunteer work. Since 2013, Isala Zwolle Hospital has been located on the edge of the Wipstrik district. The hospital, which was previously located in two locations (Sophia at the same location and Weezenlanden in the Assendorp district), merged and was rebuilt on Dr. van Heesweg. The hospital is easily accessible via the Ceintuurbaan via the A28 highway.

Park de Wezenlanden

Park de Wezenlanden is partly located in the Wipstrik district. The other part is located in the adjacent Assendorp district. It is the most visited park in Zwolle. The park contains a petting zoo, a skating rink, a playground, several ponds and an off-leash dog area. Every year on May 5, the largest liberation festival in the Netherlands is held here. More than 150,000 visitors will come to the park.


There are several primary schools in the district. Secondary schools are not present in the district.

  • Oosterenk primary school
  • Queen Emma School primary school
  • Obadiah School Cluster 3



City and regional transport is provided by Syntus. The Wipstrik district is served by bus line 1. The main roads in the district are Wipstrikkerallee, Leo Majorlaan and Ceintuurbaan. The Ceintuurbaan, N35, links the district to the A28 highway. The Ceintuurbaan turns south into the Heinoseweg and north into the Zwartewaterallee.