5 Types Advertising you should know

The understanding of what advertising is is not evenly understood by most people. Some of them even equate advertising with marketing. In reality, every day we find many forms of advertising spread everywhere.

Whether it’s on social media, even in several shopping centers. What is the reason? Of course, because advertising is an important component in business development efforts. Where this advertising aims to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

In this article, we will discuss further about what advertising is, the types of advertising, and its benefits for a company. Advertising itself plays quite an important role in the marketing strategy of every business and company today. Because, by using advertising, companies can reach target markets and build effective brand awareness.

The review below will invite you to understand more about the ins and outs of advertising and also its role in the marketing strategy of a business.

A. Definition of Advertising

Advertising is an effort or process to persuade the target market to take certain actions, such as buying a product or using a service, bringing awareness to something, and so on. In businesses or companies, advertising can be used for various purposes. Starting from increasing awareness of a brand, directing potential customers to your business, promoting sales of new products or services to the market, and differentiating products from competitors.

At first glance, this advertising resembles marketing. But it needs to be understood that these two are different things. Marketing is a big picture of the company’s entire process or strategy in increasing awareness of a particular brand and convincing customers to take action. Meanwhile, advertising is the process of creating persuasive messages that support the marketing objectives themselves. In other words, it can be said that advertising is one part of the components in marketing.

B. Types of Marketing

In a business, advertising has the aim of attracting new customers by establishing a target market and reaching them through effective advertising campaigns. For a wider reach, companies will usually implement more than one type of advertising. In general, nowadays there are many types of advertising available. The following are several types of advertising that you need to understand.

1. Online Advertising

Online advertising or what is often called online advertising is a type of advertising in which material is delivered to the target audience online. This type of advertising has become quite popular and effective in recent years. This online advertising will allow us to determine and target the target market according to our wishes, which can be determined through age, gender, location, and so on. Likewise with the price, which is relatively cheaper than other types of advertising. Currently, some of the online advertising that is often used is through Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, and also Google Ads.

2. Print Media Advertisements

This type of advertising can be found in print media such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, directories, and flyers. Even though it is not as popular as online advertising, print media advertising is still used today to promote products or services. Generally, local print media is used by local businesses to promote their business while reaching more customers.

3. Television Advertising

Before entering the digital era like today, television advertising was the most popular promotional media for marketing products and services. Many large companies use this type of advertising to reach their internal markets. Even so, television advertising is still a type of advertising that is quite effective and is widely used by large companies. Although some of them have also moved to online advertising.

4. Outdoor Advertising

According to The Balance SMB, outdoor advertising is also known as advertising that will reach customers when they are outside the home. One form of this type of advertising is in the form of billboards which we usually find on the streets. This form of advertising is still considered effective as an advertising medium.

5. Product Placement

Product placement or product replacement is an activity to secretly promote a product or service through films, soap operas, web series and various other types of content. In other words, this type of advertising is disguised advertising. Meanwhile, for application, an example is like in a film scene where there is a product in physical form. But the product is not explained directly.

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