5 Examples of Condensation in Everyday Life

According to Wibowo, precipitation is an event where water falls from the atmosphere towards the earth’s surface. The form of liquid that falls can be snow, rain, fog and dew.

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6 Processed Petroleum Products in Daily Life

Generally, the majority of the petroleum we use today is obtained through the oil drilling process. Oil drilling cannot be done haphazardly. It is necessary to carry out studies related to soil structure, soil basin analysis and various other drilling location characteristics.

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Factors Affecting the Amount of Pressure

One of the physics sciences that is taught quite often is pressure. Types of pressure, uses of pressure, various pressure calculations, etc. So, what exactly is pressure? What does it do? What types?

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Types of Reflected Sound and Benefits for Human Life

Before discussing the various types of reflected sounds, we must first understand what sound is. Yep, that sound is the same as a voice. These sounds or noises can be produced by humans, animals, and even objects around us.

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4 Types of Quantum Numbers in physics

Just as the name suggests, natural disasters are disasters caused by natural events. This is the reason why natural objects are difficult to prevent. However, natural disasters can still be predicted and anticipated to minimize losses and casualties.

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10 Characteristics Rutherford’s Atomic Model

The model described the atom as a tiny, dense, positively charged core called a nucleus, in which nearly all the mass is concentrated, around which the light, negative constituents, called electrons, circulate at some distance, much like planets revolving around the Sun.

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What is ohm’s law in physics?

Ohm’s law is one of the basic sciences of electronics. This knowledge is very useful to help us calculate the current, voltage or resistance of an electrical circuit. Where ohm’s law states the relationship between mathematics and current, voltage, and also network resistance.

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3 Factors Affecting Hydrostatic Pressure

This can happen because the hydrostatic pressure at depth is stronger when compared to the hydrostatic pressure at the water surface. So in this article we will discuss hydrostatic pressure and how it is applied in everyday life. Come on , let’s just look at the discussion!

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Physics is the study of the nature that surrounds us, i.e. the world in which we live. This is exactly what the word physics means in Greek and Latin: “natural science”.

The word physics comes from the ancient Greek word physis, meaning “nature.” The question “What is physics?” “ can therefore be answered with a definition: Physics is the study of nature. This means: Physics examines the processes that occur in nature and tries to find natural laws.

The world that surrounds us extends from the atoms and the elementary parts that make them up.