Functions and Benefits of Communication Management in Business

Communication management can also be understood as the systematic planning, implementation, monitoring and review of all communication channels within a company or organization and also between organizations including organizing and disseminating guidelines for new communications connected to a network, organization or communication technology.

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4 Characteristics Design Thinking

Design thinking is not only applicable in this job, it is also needed in business. Design thinking does have advantages such as cost savings and guaranteed return on investment (ROI), making users more loyal, and saving development time.

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5 Types Advertising you should know

Whether it’s on social media, even in several shopping centers. What is the reason? Of course, because advertising is an important component in business development efforts. Where this advertising aims to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

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Marketing describes a concept of market-oriented corporate management that is geared towards satisfying the needs of (potential) customers. In addition to operational measures to influence the purchase decision, this also includes all other divisions.

Marketing is also understood to be the division, which is responsible for the marketing of products and services.

Many like marketing with advertising – and are completely wrong. The dry marketing definition above suggests that more is behind it than place the company logo on ballpoint pens and flyers.

To make it less abstract and more tangible, we try to understand a definition of marketing.

Marketing (German: Sales Economy) is the orientation of a company to meet the needs of the market. Accordingly, all business measures and decisions should be aimed at meeting the expectations of the customers. The task of marketing is to identify the needs of the market, as well as changes, for example, the increasing or decreasing need for a product. The aim is to ensure rising sales volumes.

In short, marketing ensures that more is sold by identifying potential customers and the market, making the product known and improving the image.