Popular wedding music. What music at a wedding party?

Finding the right choice of music for a wedding party is not always easy. Some people who tie the knot often have a favorite music genre that their guests don’t like at all. In addition, not only the young people should be able to enjoy themselves, but the old people should also have the opportunity to dance. In short; the music at a wedding party should be for everyone.

In this article

  • Step 1: A nice orchestra or a good DJ?
  • Step 2: Organize and plan the evening of the party.
  • Step 3: Choosing the music genre.
  • Step 4: A good balance between light and sound.
  • Step 5: Find a good DJ or orchestra.
  • Popular opening dances.


Step 1: A nice orchestra or a good DJ?

Before you can choose the right songs and genre, you must first know whether the evening will be graced by an orchestra or a DJ. An orchestra often costs much more than a DJ, but it immediately creates a different atmosphere and more interaction with the guests. On the other hand, not everyone likes this type of music and a DJ can be the solution, which usually only costs 1/3 of an orchestra. Another disadvantage of an orchestra is that you can choose your favorite songs, but an orchestra always has its own interpretation of each song. Although a disadvantage, that can sometimes also have its charm. It should also be taken into account that an orchestra takes up more space than a DJ.

Step 2: Organize and plan the evening of the party.

The evening of the party should be very well planned and discussed with the DJ or orchestra. Incorrect planning can lead to misunderstandings and sometimes to a standstill of the music, a real killer for a party! Things that definitely need to be discussed are:

  • Start of the party.
  • Music while eating.
  • Start of opening dance.
  • Evolution of music.
  • Any speeches.
  • Favorite songs.


Step 3: Choosing the music genre.

Not only the planning of the party but also the genre of music determines the evening. Both an orchestra and a DJ can provide a quiet evening party with a pleasant chat. A real dance party also works well, but requires appropriate music. Every DJ has a real repertoire of dance music, with an orchestra you should look for a cover band with pop songs. For a pleasant and quiet evening party, a jazz orchestra might offer solace. As mentioned in the introduction, the young couple should not only think about their own taste in music, but also that of others. An evening full of alternative music that no one likes is guaranteed to be a flop! Request numbers are also important, the DJ and orchestra will be only too happy if they receive some request numbers (in advance of the party).

Step 4: A good balance between light and sound.

A good combination of the right light and sound are also very important for the evening. If the DJ is hidden in a dark corner of the room or the orchestra plays too loudly, the evening can be ruined. A DJ or orchestra should never be in the spotlight, but should stand out. The sound should also be tested in advance, because people still like to talk to each other.

Step 5: Find a good DJ or orchestra.

To find a good DJ or orchestra for the wedding party, you can look in the business directory but also contact your personal contacts. It is certainly advisable to contact friends and acquaintances who have experience with orchestras or DJs. Most DJs and orchestras also have a website with demos of their performances. If it all costs a little more, an artist agency can also be engaged. These will perfectly fulfill the bridal couple’s wishes.

Popular opening dances.

An opening dance is very important for the atmosphere of the evening. It should not appear planned or made, because that completely takes away the atmosphere. An opening dance must be pure and with feeling. Of course, everyone has to do that themselves, but we can help you choose the song for the opening dance:

  • Michael BublĂ© – Everything
  • RenĂ© Froger – This is the moment
  • Do – Heaven
  • Baldwin de Groot – Evening
  • Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life
  • Norah Jones – Don’t know why
  • Kelly Clarkson – A moment like this
  • Carol king – You’ve got a friend
  • Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love
  • Jamie Cullum – Everlasting Love
  • Marco Borsato – She
  • Paul de Leeuw – Ik heb je lief
  • Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel – Aint no mountain high enough
  • Van Morrison – Have I Told you lately
  • Sting – Fields of Gold
  • Oleta Adams – Get here
  • Luther Vandross & Vanessa Williams – A whole new world
  • Ilse de Lange – All the Answers
  • She – Charles Aznavour
  • The Beatles – All You Night is love
  • Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson – Tonight I celebrate my love for you
  • Clouseau – Altijd heb ik je lief
  • Racoon – Love you more
  • Mathilde Santing – Beautiful People
  • Ruth Jacoth – Leun op mij
  • Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – The Time of my life
  • Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – Up were we belong
  • Jennifer Rush – Power of Love
  • Kenny G. – The Wedding Song
  • The Carpenters – Close to you
  • Bryan Adams – Everything I do I do it for you
  • Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
  • Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
  • Nicole Kidman & Robby Williams – Something Stupid
  • Lionel Richie – Stuck on you
  • Trijntje Oosterhuis – Nu dat jij er bent
  • Al Green – Let’s stay togehter
  • Metallica – Nothing else matters
  • Shania Twain – From this moment on
  • Volumia – Hou me vast
  • Axelle Red – Parce que c’est toi
  • ReBorn – Don’t Ever Go
  • North Cape – I love you
  • Peter Maffay – Du