What Are Conspiracy Theories and their types

Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracies have recently become a topic of interest to society. In fact, quite a few content creators create content that discusses conspiracies. However, does you know the meaning of conspiracy?

In general, we can interpret conspiracy as an allegation that there is a conspiracy to carry out a big plan. Various kinds of events and tragedies that are considered strange are often associated with conspiracies. So that you don’t misunderstand, this article will discuss conspiracy theories along with examples. Read until the end of the article!

What is Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory or collusion theory can be interpreted as a theory that attempts to explain that the ultimate cause of one or a series of events is something that is secret and often deceives someone, planned secretly by certain parties such as a group of people or organizations that have high power and very influential. Generally, events associated with conspiracies are political, historical or social events.

The word conspiracy itself is taken from English which means conspiracy, which means that it is a secret plan carried out by a group of people to do something that violates or harms the law.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI itself, the word conspiracy means conspiracy or gang. According to the meaning of the word conspiracy according to the KBBI, the word conspiracy implies a wrong and illegal act carried out by the conspirators because several parties do not need to carry out the conspiracy in order to be involved in activities that are illegal or unethical.

Based on this explanation, it can be concluded that a conspiracy is an action that attempts to explain the cause of one or a series of secret events. Meanwhile, a conspiracy theory is a theory that attempts to explain the main cause of an event or series of events.

Several experts also provided opinions regarding the meaning of conspiracy. The following is the explanation.

  1. Robert O Zelency

According to Robbert O Zelency, he expressed his opinion in 1987 regarding conspiracy. According to Zelency, the meaning of conspiracy is a secret, highly planned action to be able to carry out an illegal or wrong action.

  1. Yenni Salim

Yenni said that conspiracy is a plan or action carried out by a group of people in secret by conspiring to carry out an act that violates the law and is included in bad faith.

  1. Oxford Dictionary

According to the Oxford Dictionary, conspiracy can be defined as a plan that is secret and can be carried out by a certain group of people who have illegal aims and can harm certain parties.

Types of Conspiracy

In practice, conspiracies can be divided into several different types, below is an explanation of the types of conspiracies.

  1. Political Conspiracy is a conspiracy that occurs between certain people with the aim of gaining political power or fulfilling political goals. Political conspiracy can also be interpreted as a conspiracy which believes that there is an agreement between several groups or people with the aim of gaining political power.
  2. Criminal Conspiracy is a conspiracy that believes that there is an agreement taking place or occurring between several people or groups to be able to violate existing laws in the future.
  3. Civil Conspiracy is a conspiracy that occurs between several people to carry out an act of fraud that is to mislead or deceive other people from the legal rights obtained by that person, the aim of which is to obtain unilateral benefits.
  4. Hub and spoke conspiracy, what is meant by a hub and spoke conspiracy is a conspiracy in which one or more main conspirators carry out several similar conspiracies with other people and the success of the conspiracy depends on several parties who take part in the conspiracy.
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