Everyone’s freedom ends with the freedom of our fellow man

Everyone loves his or her own freedom. The freedom to express one’s own opinions, make one’s own decisions, make one’s own arrangements, organize one’s own life and deal with one’s own money and goods. Freedom is a great good and must be fought for again and again. After all, freedom cannot be taken for granted. There are many countries where the freedom of the people has been severely curtailed by the rules and power of the government. Where the internet has also been cut and fellow countrymen only see what the government of those countries allows. However , thanks to the same internet and smartphones, freedom is increasing. Exchanges of opinions can very quickly cross boundaries. However, when does your own freedom come into conflict with the freedom of others?

Everyone’s freedom and conflicts about it

There are plenty of countries in the world where people have very little freedom and where governments severely restrict the freedom of their citizens. The Dutch value freedom as a great asset, but how far does that freedom extend? The number of court hearings and conflicts shows that not everyone has the same idea of the concept of freedom. After all, conflicts always arise when the freedom of one person is limited by the freedom of the other.

Neighborhood disputes about the restriction of each other’s freedom

Neighborhood disputes are often about the restriction of freedom of one neighbor in relation to the other. If someone builds a stone wall on the dividing line between two gardens, his neighbor is convinced that because of the other’s action he can no longer participate in deciding what his garden boundary will look like.

The freedom to participate in decision-making

He feels limited in his freedom to make decisions about his property. After all, it is also his garden fence and not just that of his neighbor. So he has the right to participate in decision-making. Where two people have ownership rights, they should also decide together. The same applies to noise pollution. Turning up the radio loudly, while knowing that it will definitely bother the neighbor, is a restriction of that neighbor’s freedom and is guaranteed to cause problems.

Freedom of religion is the right of all people

Freedom applies not only to things, but also to ideas. Everyone can think whatever they want and is free to express those ideas. However, freedom ends with limiting other people’s ideas. Actually attacking someone because he has a different religion is a restriction of freedom, whether it is a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Christian. Each other’s religion must be respected.

Freedom of sex

There should also be freedom between man and woman. Suppression of other people’s freedom is asking for trouble. After all, oppression never leads to love and certainly not to respect for others. At most to armed peace, but more often to a real rupture. As soon as the oppressor is not immediately nearby, the other person will try to escape from the coercion. Anyone who loves his or her partner will have to respect him or her if he or she wants a long, or even lifelong, relationship with them.

Mine and thine of ourselves and of our fellow man

One of the examples of restrictions on freedom is the different views on property. The number of thefts speaks volumes about the restriction of each other’s freedom. No one has the right to infringe on the freedom of others and certainly not the right to invade the space of others to appropriate their property.

Even a thief knows the difference

A thief knows that too, otherwise he would not work night and day or with violence to obtain unlawful property. Children must learn the awareness of mine and thine from an early age during their upbringing, so that they can deal with it well later.

The freedom of children also ends with the freedom of other children

Children still have to learn to deal with freedom, but that does not mean that they cannot have their own freedom. Every child needs the freedom to make discoveries. Parents are needed as supervisors, so that their children, in their desire for freedom, cannot harm themselves by doing dangerous things.

Restrictions are sometimes necessary

An eight-year-old child who climbs up the drainpipe and stands on the roof of the garage must therefore be called to order, but a child who fishes a recently planted plant out of the ground to see if it has roots yet is busy with a discovery and is better served by an explanation about it. Your child’s freedom must grow slowly until they can handle their own freedom as adults.

The freedom of older people does not always have priority in our society

The freedom of the elderly can quickly be compromised if they become less mobile. Social help can be offered, but sometimes an older person does not feel like it at all and comes up with ways to help themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it goes well.

Someone who forces another takes away that person’s freedom

Sometimes, however, the pressure from the environment becomes so strong that the elderly person gives in and before he or she realizes it, finds himself in a care institution against his or her will. After all, not every elderly person needs a lot of company.

Not every older person likes to be in a straightjacket

There are plenty of elderly people who like to go their own way and plan their own day. They like to be dressed, eat and go to bed at their own time. Some elderly people like to be alone for part of the day and can also keep themselves busy. Others like to visit other people. That doesn’t have to be a problem. Nowadays there are plenty of options to contact others.

Electronic options to contact others

Especially since the computer, tablet and smartphone have been introduced, the possibilities have expanded considerably. One can have contact with others without forcibly bothering them. However, not everyone can handle this well. Family members can often help with this. With a brief explanation and by pointing out the various options, they can often put an end to the loneliness of an elderly person who, for example, has difficulty walking. On the other hand, an older person should not restrict the freedom of younger family members too much by demanding constant help and companionship.

Be aware of your own freedom, which ends with that of your fellow man

Freedom is a great good. Take care of your freedom and make sure others respect it, but also keep an eye on the freedom of those around you. Take your freedom, but only up to the limit of the other person’s freedom. This prevents conflicts and leads to a calmer life.